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hannah traore

Born and raised in Toronto, Hannah Traore developed an affinity for art and an appreciation for diverse  perspectives from a young age. Her mother, an art collector and fiber artist, infused art into every part of  her life while her father, a Malian immigrant, immersed her in his culture, which introduced her to issues of representation in the art world  and beyond. 


After obtaining a BA in Art History from Skidmore College, Traore became the Painting and  Sculpture Curatorial Intern at the Museum of Modern Art and later served as Project Manager to Isolde  Brielmaier – current Deputy Director of the New Museum, NYU Professor and Independent Curator.  Through an exploration of her eclectic heritage - Canadian, West African, Jewish and Muslim - she has gained  an appreciation for what makes every person unique. Hannah Traore Gallery aims to celebrate the things  that make each of us extraordinary. Hannah was celebrated for her work with Hannah Traore Gallery by being included on the 2023 Forbes 30 under 30 list in Art & Style. Hannah was also honored on Apollo Magazine's 2023 40 under 40  USA list. 

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