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rian D.



brian d. ellerson

BDE Florida LLC, franchisee of Taco Bell, owns and operates 37 Taco Bell restaurants in the Tampa/ St. Pete and Orlando areas. The company employs 1100 people, generating $46 million in revenue.


Brian graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder in 1991, with a BA in International Affairs. Mr. Ellerson began his Wall Street career in 1992, as a Treasury Bond trader, for the French firm, Compagnie de Finance de CIC. After 5 years at CIC, Ellerson attended the University of Pennsylvania at Wharton, where he received the prestigious Howard Mitchell Fellowship, and graduated in 1999 with an MBA in Finance. Additionally, as a result of Ellerson’s leadership and direction, the largest student/alumni donation was contributed to the School's capital fund.

Ellerson began an advisory and equity sales and trading career 1991 that spanned 14 years. He started his equity career at Goldman Sachs, then Morgan Stanley, Lehman
Brother’s, Barclays and MKM Partners. In addition to his Institutional equity career, Mr. Ellerson played a leading role in the recruiting and retention of employees. He redesigned and oversaw the recruitment process at several Ivy League Colleges and Universities for Morgan Stanley and Lehman Bros.


Brian and his wife, Caroline, have been married for 16 years. Their son, Tyler, is 14 and their daughter, Logan is 10. Ellerson and his family are active in their community, their children’s schools and their Bayside Community Church.

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