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WMY48 Conference: The Business of Black Power

At the WMY48 conference, The Business of Black Power: Advancing Our Collective Voices, we focused on scaling the power of Wharton to increase access and inclusivity to the broader Black community, including Black-owned businesses in Philadelphia, Black founders and entrepreneurs, and HBCU students and alums.


WMY48 paid homage to the Black Power Movement through featured keynotes, interactive workshops, dynamic panel conversations, and peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities. This year’s conference also featured the inaugural Small Business Series, a continuation of the New Venture Competition, and a return of The Gala.

2021 Featured Speakers

Industry Panel Discussions 

Racism: A Social Determinant of Health 

The Health and Wellness Panel discussed the social determinants of health, the health inequities that disproportionately impact Black communities, and the role health systems, employers, and federal health agencies play in addressing these inequities. 

A Seat at the Table: Why Black Voices are Integral for a Better Tech Future 

The Technology Panel focused on why Black leadership in product and design is imperative for the future of Black America.

From Redlining to Underwriting: Real Estate as a Tool for Black Mobility

In our Real Estate panel session, we focused on real estate development and investment as a tool for Black power- reflecting on its past, present, and future.

Securing and Creating the Bag: A Fireside Chat with Brandon Blackwood

In this Fashion & Retail session, visionary and social activist designer Brandon Blackwood provided us with insight on his career as a designer and fashion entrepreneur. We explored topics including his rise as a creative artist, social activism, the future of retail, and bridging the divide between business and fashion.

Using Finance to Create Change

In this Finance panel session, we discussed how current and future financial professionals can use their position and influence to create economic value for our communities

Lifting as We Climb: Advancing the Next Generation of Black Content Creators

In this Media & Entertainment panel session, we explored how Black leaders at media and entertainment firms can push for more diverse and authentic representation in these spaces. 

Whitney M. Young Jr. Memorial Conference

Dec 02-03 2022  | University of Pennsylvania

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