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2019 Featured Panelist

WMY46 Conference

Claudio Cabrera




Claudio E. Cabrera is an award-winning audience development expert and journalist born and raised in New York City to parents from the Dominican Republic. Cabrera began his journalism career in 2005 while in his second year at Brooklyn College. He was able to land an internship at the historic black newspaper, the New York Amsterdam News. In 2006, while interning at the Amsterdam News and a sophomore in college, he won an award from the Independent Press Association for his work uncovering the law that allowed phone companies in NY state to charge families of inmates exorbitant rates for collect phone calls. A few years later, he also partnered with former President Obama's White House to launch a town hall conversation between the president and the top black media companies across the country.

For the last decade, while he still occasionally writes, he's moved into the SEO area of digital journalism working for companies such as InteractiveOne, NewsOne, Black Enterprise Magazine online and other African American media brands where he cut his teeth in the industry. In 2013,he was named one of the country's top 20 audience development experts by Folio Magazine.After leaving Black Enterprise in 2013, he joined CBS where he led SEO strategy across the country for their 14 owned and operated news and radio stations. In 2016, he was recruited by the Times to join their SEO team and has grown within the last 3 years to lead the organization on the news side.

A Spanish language speaker first, he is now focused on educating the Spanish speaking Caribbean and Latin America news organizations, journalists, college students and more on the importance of SEO in their region in addition to his current role at the Times where he leads strategy. He will be releasing a book this upcoming year called "Y Tu Ere Dominicano/Dominicana" which focuses on colorism within the Dominican community and other Spanish speaking countries.

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